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Introduction to


Weidman Messenger

Digital Archives

The Weidman Messenger was the only newspaper ever
published for the community of Weidman.  It was initiated by Rolla Roe
in 1939 (?) and perpetuated by Rolla's daughter, Constance (Connie) Roe Skinner,
until she could no longer undertake the tasks.

A "must read" is the treatise by Connie that describes much of Weidman's
history and her personal life as one of the "Roe kids".  It is truly delightful
reading and brought back many memories of Connie.

If you would rather read original "hard copies" of The Weidman Messenger,
the Sherman Township Library has many original copies in a bound set.

Credit for the digital files linked below goes to Weidman's Joyce McClain who provided the
original copies of the newspaper and to CMU's Patrick Graham, Ed.D.
who "digitized" the hundreds of pages of the newspaper and over 100 photos.

This is a work in progress.  Mr. Graham is still scanning original copies into PDF format
and I am still working on getting the files posted.  My intent is to post the individual files
first and, eventually, create combined files of the issues published during a given year. 

Click HERE for
The Weidman Messenger
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For links to transcribed articles dealing with Weidman history,
follow the HTML links below.

Transcribed Articles in HTML Format

Rolla Roe authored a series of articles entitled "Roses for the Living", short biographies of various prominent Weidman
area citizens.  Weidman history articles by other authors have been "digitized" in HTML (Web page) format.
Transcriptions of many of the articles can be accessed by clicking the following links: